Hello, friends! I am glad to welcome you to the «Rating of Bookmakers», or rather, in the part of it where they talk about hockey, only about hockey and about nothing but hockey. You can, of course, talk about domestic football, where, compared to hockey, now there is perfect order and everything is in chocolate. But let football experts talk about football, and we will talk about ours, about the painful one, about the only match of the whole game day «Avangard» SKA.

A whole generation has already grown up in our country, accustomed to the fact that the Russian national team is a social burden for the head coach of SKA and is awarded to him by default. Therefore, after all the twists and turns and orgies of recent times associated with the appointment and reappointment of the coaching staff of the Olympic team, Valery Bragin, who until recently was our all, became first a consultant without specific responsibilities, and then no one at all. As Ostap Bender said, ripping off the fireman’s buttonholes from Panikovsky: �Until now, you were the firemaster in my eyes. From now on, you are a simple ax-fighter «. AgreeandTes, Bragin SKA and without the national team you lookt like no pants, and even fireyou can’t keep him now. Because in the background withandtuatsui around of the coaching staff, the top of our imperious Olympus may well come to the logical conclusion that, rather than changing coaches every time like gloves, it is better to replace the one who changes coaches once.

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Or maybe this is even for the best and will allow Bragin to focus on one team, and not be torn between several and not wake up at night in a cold sweat, imagining how he returns from the Olympics with vegetable gardens. And after all, the result is already there: SKA has been playing better lately, has stopped conceding altogether, and, God forgive me, �Kunlunei� even carries forward with its feet, as befits a real leader. But will all this be enough against the «Vanguard»?

In my opinion, not enough. And let according to the statistics of personal meetings SKA has a third more than Avangard, victories in get-togethers, the confrontation of these rivals in recent years have acquired a pronounced home color. Roughly speaking, the guests last won official matches of the regular season as early as September 2018, after which the next five mats per trand the hosts won the year. Quite a solid advantageyours so that prand other things being equal, make a prediction. So in maTth raclear «Hawks» will not even win, but I will torturet win with mminimal advantage in the accountthose. But on the other hand, it will be won in regular time. Hthe same applies to other predictions, then welcome to the «Bookmaker Rating». There are never enough forecasts here, and now there is still a regular program «Hockey Department». Watch not revise.

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