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Should a Christian go out a Mormon?

On the list of usual inquiries we’re questioned by Christians handles the issue of whether or not a Christian can/should meeting a Mormon. Recently I obtained an e-mail from a college-aged woman exactly who claims she is a Christian. In part, she said (spelling unchanged),

My own companion try mormon I am also christian and i am wanting watch my personal christian values but do not have the ability to the feedback . . .

Any recommendations or make it easier to can offer is much cherished! Basically make clear: I’m not whatsoever are swayed because of the mormon belief. But was wanting communicate my CHRISTIAN religion, nonetheless have got most “justifications” and that I would not have all other solutions and would like to signify Jesus very well.

Listed here is my a reaction to the lady:

Thanks for composing myself. Yes, i’ve read Mormonism given that the early 1980s, considerably longer than you’re active. ?? i’m pleased to answr fully your email.

To start with, I’m going to sit it-all from the series. We dont would like you taking anything I claim individual or as an attack, however, if We happened to be your father, and this is what i’d talk about. So I assurance you aren’t planning to think its great. (How’s that in the first place?) I’ll only show up and say when you look at the very start that i believe it is really not extremely wise so that you can staying dating a Mormon, or any person outside your very own trust, for instance. Within ebook giving answers to Mormons’ problems, there is a chapter titled “exactly why Won’t we let your Loved One to Date a Mormon?” We won’t quote the full chapter in this article, but here’s aspect of what we should say:

Several nearby LDS congregations coordinate month sways as well as other societal competition that their particular youth ought to welcome nonmember associates. Nonmembers commonly become coming to be drawn to the healthy Latter-day Saints. Over the years there is counseled many kids that get involved in affairs with Mormons on the opposite gender. Normally, these Christians should preferably get involved in the missionary sessions and get in on the LDS ceremony whenever they hope to get the company’s affairs one stage further. This means, they might be pushed to transform to Mormonism.

The Christians usually know the falsehoods of Mormonism, nonetheless they frantically want to carry on her dating and don’t discover how to accomplish unless these people come to be Mormons.

Christian researching specialist Sandra Tanner of Utah Lighthouse Ministry is convinced the problem is specifically commonplace with those attendance college or university. She believed,

“we frequently get messages from Christian parents who are seriously concerned with the company’s daughter or son having had started initially to date a Mormon at college or university while having received active in the LDS university personal group,” she mentioned. “Often the individual have accompanied the LDS ceremony without telling the parents, informing them for their next college break. By that period, the individual can often be in an important connection that may bring about a temple wedding, that [non-LDS] people will not be permitted to watch.”

Throughout our encounter, far too many Christians decline their religion so that you can realize intimate dating with Mormons.

“Mixed belief” marriages tend to be a dish for disaster, both for the partners in addition to their family. In 2 Corinthians 6:14, Paul said, “Be ye certainly not unequally yoked combined with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and precisely what communion hath lamp with darkness?” While Paul had not been especially raving about internet dating and relationship in this particular transit, he or she could have easily been recently referencing having less knowledge in situation, especially since he had addressed the issues of combined relationships earlier on in 1 Corinthians 7:12–15. One challenge very often starts are a religious stalemate inside the relationship. Once little ones arrive, the two has got to discover a technique for ceremony work. Often this results in a compromise aided by the girls and boys separating their unique attendance between two various places of worship that profess major doctrinal variations.