In order to promote the work of young researchers, the SLFMCE will provide financial support for the three best contributions submitted by young researchers. Candidates must fulfill the conditions listed below: 

(a) to be a master student or a PhD student, or to have their doctoral dissertation read after the February 28th, 2011. 
(b) to be a member of the SLMFCE when the contribution is submitted.
(c) to get the highest rank for the submitted contribution at the blind process of refereeing.

Funds are intended to cover the registration fee, travel and accommodation expenses (maximum 700€ for each winner of the prize). The SLMFCE will provide a certificate to the winners of the grant.

The young researchers who want to apply to the grant must send an e-mail, once the submission has been uploaded, to with their personal data and the necessary documents certifying that they fulfill the conditions above.